Google My Business is a Google product initially known as Google Directory but was later renamed Google My Business. It allows users to build and manage free business listings on Google Maps to see businesses while searching locally.

The benefits of Google My Business Listing

  • Users who conduct a Google search for…

Some of us find it difficult to believe that people will delete Twitter likes, which are somehow a part of their identity. We may not like it when people change their minds. However, deleting Twitter tweets is a very popular practice on Twitter, and there can be many explanations for this.

Deleting a few tweets on Twitter may not be a difficult task at all. What about once you want to delete a hundred or even thousands of tweets?

  • It can cause lots of time to monitor and select a bunch of tweets and delete them in bulk.
  • Once you are unsure which tweets to delete, you would have to expend energy to choose them one by one.
  • If you want to delete multiple tweets, or directly all of them, it would have taken hours and even a few days.

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