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Google My business Management Service

You can find the tools and services to manage your google my business account or multiple locations below the articles.

Google My business management services


To promote the business, Google is constantly bringing new changes and updates to its users. It has evolved so much overtime that every business person should get acquainted with these new inventions and take advantage of them.

In response to the growing needs of consumers, Google introduced Google My Business to facilitate the business community.

Why does Google My Business come into existence if Google search is already providing all the information?

You may have noticed how fast technology is evolving. To balance growing technology and marketing, it was necessary to innovate new business advertising techniques and provide facilities that can meet all the demands of the modern era in a big forum like Google through which billions of people do business. In today’s busy world, everyone wants the shortest, most comprehensive and best services possible.

To fulfil these requirements, Google introduced Google My Business, and CircleBoom is working tirelessly to make it easier, more understandable and more accessible for you.

What is Google My Business and Schedule Google My Business?

GMB (Google My Business)

Google My Business is a platform on Google that allows you to share information about your business with customers in a very concise and comprehensive way, for example, your business products, timing, location, facilities and services etc. Moreover, you’ll be getting easier engagements with your customers, their feedback and getting to know their requirements.

Schedule post on Google My Business

Just imagine if there is something which can work on your behalf and without any cost, yes it is possible.

To schedule and post on Google My Business, you need to stay active to attract your clients; you have to be very punctual to update the information and events. Here you need a scheduler that can post your updates automatically when you are not active all along.

Circleboom will help you make it more effective and reliable even if you are using it for the first time.

Features of Google My Business

There are some important features of Google My Business that you need to know to get it acutely.

1. Free

The most important and attractive thing is a completely free tool to advertise your business profile and website account on Google Search and Google Map. Anyone can get the benefits of this amazing service without any cost. You can see instructions here to create a Google My Business Location

2. Product detail

Whenever you want to advertise your business, first of all, you provide the details of your product to the customer. So that whenever they need something relevant, your product is ready to meet their needs. Google My Business according to your product’s detail then customers can reach it with Google Search easily.

3. Contact

It allows you to place your contact details then customers can reach you by social media, your phone numbers, your website and all means of communication. In Google My Business, there are more than 1 billion active users per month.

4. Place

Business location is one of the most important tools to run and enhance any business. You can approach your customers by letting them know where you are located. Google My Business provides you with the tool to update your location and map to make easy access for your customers. And it’s very easy for customers to find you through this tool. More than 200 million locations have already been placed on Google My Business. It also provides you with Map navigation to make your journey easier to reach the correct destination.

5. Updating

Changes happen with new trends in business; customer requirements also change with trends, so you also need to amend the information. Google My Business gives you the facility that you can update your information at any time.

6. Reviews & Feedback

It’s a platform where you can stay in direct contact with customers, be aware of their likes, dislikes and needs, and their reviews can make a difference in your business. Positive reviews obviously attract new consumers to your products and services, and negative reviews provide you with the opportunity to reset or modify your business applications accordingly.

Once you have the best tools available to help you to grow your business with full perseverance, then you will be faced with the problem of how we can make the best use of this tool. But don’t worry, Circleboom is here to help you out of this. Circleboom is a revolution in itself that provides you with an easy and free solution to every dilemma you face in this digital world. Your few clicks in the circleboom will open up new avenues of information and services for you. It not only helps you schedule your product and business information on Google My Business but also provides complete information on downloading videos from various social forums and new innovative softwares and everything for free.

How to Schedule Posts on Google My Business with Circleboom?

Before following the steps, you need to know with Circleboom; there is no limit to how many posts you schedule. You can schedule thousands of posts at the same time for as long as you need.

Here is the Step by Step procedure you can follow to get through.

Step 1: Login Circleboom Publish

First of all, login with a Circleboom Scheduler and Publish tool. If you haven’t created your account yet, please create your account with the given option “Create an account” just under the login bar.

Step 2: Go to Google My Business

Once you log in/register, you will find different options like Twitter, Facebook page, Facebook Group etc., find the option “Google My Business” and click on it. A new page will show you the “Sign In with Google.’’

Step 3: Add your Google My Business Page

Click on the given option “Sign In with Google” and put your Google My Business Page Id and detail. If you have the same Google Account active in your browser, it will give you the option of your account automatically, and you can proceed with that.

Note: Allow Circleboom to access your account to get all features. Circleboom has a strong privacy policy, and it makes sure and confidential your account privacy.

If you would like to run multiple Google My Business accounts simultaneously, Circleboom allows you to have up to 5 different Google My business accounts simultaneously.

Step 4: Open the Left-hand menu

Once you add your Google My Business page, open the left-hand menu, you will find different options, including “Create New Post” and “Discover Articles”.

Note: To make your post more inspiring and fascinating, go to “Discover Articles”, where you can choose from thousands of categories and curated content among 10,000s hand-picked articles to post on your Google My Business page. You can set up and follow the category of articles and recent news about your interests and business and keep your Google My Business page up-to-date.

Step 5: Select Account

When you click on “Create New Post”, a new page will appear with different options. The first thing you need to do here is “Select Account” and select your required Google My Business Page.

Step 6: Manage your Post

Just under the Select Account, you will find different options to manage your post. What would you like to write in the text?

Note: You can take advantage of our integrated design tools like Media, Giphy, Unsplash and Canva. Hence You can handle all your editorial tasks in the same place. You may find ready-made templates for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin posts and Google My Business on Circleboom Publish.

Moreover; On Circleboom Publish, you don’t need to adjust image sizes for Twitter manually.

Step 7: Schedule Your Post

Under the text bar, you will see the Schedule button, Click on it and select your desired date and time. Once you select the Date & Time, click the “Schedule it” button that appears under it.

We hope this detailed guide will help you to schedule countless posts effectively and almost effortlessly. Circleboom is here to make things easy for you.

Circleboom’s social media schedule tool provides you its Twitter Scheduler Facebook Post Scheduler, LinkedIn Post Scheduler, Instagram Post Scheduler in one place as well.

You can manage all your social media in one dashboard.




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