How to Export Twitter ( X) Followers Data & Optimize Twitter Ads

9 min readSep 9, 2023

In the dynamic realm of Twitter marketing, data is the compass guiding our strategies. When I converse with fellow marketers, I often equate our need for Twitter data to a ship’s need for its navigational tools: indispensable. Why? Because each follower, each friend, or any specific Twitter account we’re eyeing offers a wealth of insight. The ability to export this data, be it from lists of followers, friends, or accounts we’ve smart-searched using specific keywords, isn’t just a technical convenience — it’s a game-changer.

The art and science of marketing on Twitter have evolved. No longer are campaigns broadcasted universally, hoping for the odd engagement. Modern marketers, like us, are savvy. We understand the power of targeted advertising ( Ps: Read How to start for targeted advertising) , the potency of speaking directly to an audience that’s receptive. Exporting Twitter data lays the foundation for this. Whether you’re diving deep into audience behavior, segmenting for a niche campaign, or gearing up for an advanced Twitter ads assault, the data you extract today can shape the success stories of tomorrow.

How to Export Twitter Followers or Friends

Exporting Twitter followers is an invaluable move for marketers wanting to dive deep into audience analysis. But, how does one navigate this process? Let’s delve into a straightforward, step-by-step guide that leverages the capabilities of Circleboom:

  1. Log-in Circleboom
  • Log into your Circleboom account using your credentials. If you’re a new user, sign up using your Twitter account details.
Circleboom Export Followers

2. Explore the Dashboard

  • Once inside, spot the ‘Search’ menu on the dashboard and click on it.
Export Twitter Friends and Followers

3. Select Your Search Criteria

  • For extracting followers or friends of a specific account, simply type in the Twitter handle you’re interested in.
  • Alternatively, use the ‘Smart Search’ function if you’re keen on targeting specific profiles based on keywords, either from their bio or tweets. Read this to use Smart Search and Grid Power Search Effectively

4. Initiate the Export

  • Upon completing your search and obtaining the list, locate the ‘Export’ option.
  • Click it and pick the file format you prefer, such as CSV or Excel. You can download all Twitter exported data by CSV file or excel.
  • The system will process your request, and your file will be ready for download shortly. r You will get email for exported Twitter data.

5. Download & Utilize Your Data

  • Once your export file is prepared, download it to your device.
  • You can now leverage this data for your marketing strategies, be it for targeted campaigns or audience analysis.

Twitter Data Export: How to Export Twitter Accounts by Searched Keywords

Beyond just followers and friends, Twitter is a universe of conversations, trends, and interests. By searching specific keywords, you can identify accounts that resonate with those terms, be it in tweets or their bios. This is the true essence of targeted marketing.

Twitter is a bustling universe of thoughts, conversations, and user profiles, each a potential goldmine of marketing insights. But beyond the basic follower or friend lists, how can we leverage this vast ecosystem for targeted marketing campaigns? The answer lies in comprehensive data export, and here’s why and how:

Overview of Available Twitter Data for Export

With tools like Circleboom, you’re not restricted to merely exporting followers or friends of specific accounts.

Delve deeper by searching the entire Twitter ecosystem. Whether it’s a trending hashtag, a popular keyword, or a niche interest, you can search for accounts that have tweeted about specific subjects or even mentioned them in their bios. This is the key to unlocking targeted audiences beyond your immediate circle.

The Significance of Comprehensive Data Access

  • The broader your data net, the sharper your marketing strategies can be. By accessing a diverse range of Twitter data, you’re arming yourself with the nuances of audience interests, behaviors, and preferences.
  • Imagine being able to pinpoint users who’ve expressed interest in products or services similar to yours and then tailoring your campaigns to resonate with this audience. That’s the power of comprehensive data access.

Export the Twitter Data with Smart Search: Step-by-Step

Step #1

Once you’re logged into Circleboom, locate the ‘Search’ menu on your dashboard.

Use Smart Search to export Twitter Data

Step #2 Dive into Smart Search

  • Under the ‘Search’ menu, click on ‘Smart Search’.

Step #3 Input Your Keywords

  • This is where you wield your power. Type in keywords related to tweets or profile information you wish to explore. For example, if you’re a fitness brand, keywords like “workout”, “gym”, or “fitness journey” might be of interest.

Step #4 Execute the Search

  • Let Circleboom do the heavy lifting. Once you’ve inputted your keywords, the platform will search the Twitter ecosystem for relevant accounts.

Step #5 Export Your Search Result and Export Twitter Data

  • Like before, after obtaining your desired list, select the ‘Export’ option and choose your file format.
  • Download the data, and you’re set to integrate these insights into your marketing strategies.

How Many Followers Can I Export?

With Circleboom, the answer is simple and straightforward: There’s no set limit. This freedom of unlimited export is one of the distinguishing features that makes Circleboom a preferred choice for many marketers.

3. Flexibility and Customization

  • Circleboom’s adaptive design allows users to customize the amount of data they wish to export. So, whether you’re looking to analyze a small segment of followers or conduct a comprehensive study of your entire follower base, the choice is yours.
  • It boils down to your specific requirements. If you want a list with just the basics or a detailed report with varied metrics, Circleboom empowers you to set your parameters and extract precisely what you need.

In Which Formats Can I Export Twitter Followers?

When you’re set to export Twitter followers, the format choice is crucial. Let’s quickly dissect the two most popular options:

  1. Excel (.xlsx) : You can export twitter followers as Excel file
  2. CSV (Comma-Separated Values) : You can export twitter followers as csv file


  • Intuitive for Microsoft Office users.
  • Supports complex data manipulation and representation.


  • Bigger file sizes for extensive data. But they sent you email for Twitter account you export and you can download Twitter data from your email.

What Information is Included in the Twitter Followers Export File?

When you export Twitter followers, the wealth of data available can be vast. Here’s a breakdown of the primary details you can expect to find in your export file:

  • Twitter ( X) ID: A unique identifier for each user, helpful for data sorting and referencing.
  • Twitter (X) User Name: The handle or username of the Twitter account, like “@exampleuser”.
  • Name: The display name set by the user, which might be different from their username.
  • Bio Description: The bio or description that the user has set on their profile, providing insights into their interests or profession.
  • Location: The geographical location mentioned by the user in their profile.
  • Twitter Followers: The count of users following the account.
  • Twitter Friends: The number of users the account is following.
  • Tweets: The total number of tweets the user has posted.
  • Lists: The number of lists the user is a part of or has created.
  • Protected: Indicates if the user’s tweets are protected or if their profile is private.
  • Verified: Shows if the account has been verified by Twitter, usually designated by a blue tick.
  • Created at or Joined date : The date and time when the user’s account was created.

Advanced Twitter Ads Targeting Using Exported Twitter Accounts’ Data

Marketers can no longer rely on broad campaigns and hope to reach their intended audience. With platforms like Twitter, the game has shifted towards surgical precision, targeting audiences with unparalleled accuracy. The key? Utilizing exported Twitter data.

1. Hyper-Personalization

You can read first what Hyper-Personalization is.

  • Understanding the Shift: Traditional marketing cast a wide net. Today, the focus is on relevance, ensuring each ad targets an individual’s specific interests and needs.
  • Benefits of Hyper-Personalization: Personalized campaigns result in higher engagement rates, increased ROI, and improved brand perception.

2. Extracted Twitter Data: A Goldmine for Marketers

  • Rich Insights: From geographical locations to interests and engagement history, exported data provides a wealth of actionable insights.
  • Segmentation Excellence: Divide your audience based on various parameters, creating niche segments for more targeted campaigns.

3. Using Exported Twitter Account IDs for Targeted Campaigns

  • Upload and Utilize: By importing the exported IDs into Twitter Ads Manager, you can directly target or exclude specific user groups.
  • Tailored Content: Design ads based on the insights from the data. For instance, localize content for users from a specific region or cater to interests outlined in their bios.

4. Enhancing Conversion Rates

  • Precision Targeting: By narrowing down your audience, reduce ad spend wastage, and increase the chances of conversion.
  • Feedback Loop: Monitor the performance of your campaigns, and adjust strategies using real-time data.

5. SEO and Targeted Twitter Ads

If you are new to Twitter ads, you can start with this:: Twitter ads for beginners

  • Keyword Relevance: Extracted data can provide a list of common keywords or phrases from user bios or tweets. Implement these in your ad content for better SEO rankings.
  • Linking Strategy: Embed reputable links within your ads that not only boost your SEO but also enhance user trust.

6. Challenges and Overcoming Them

  • Data Overwhelm: With a plethora of data, it’s easy to get lost. Ensure you’re equipped with the right analytical tools to sift through the information effectively.
  • Ever-changing Algorithms: Platforms like Twitter frequently update their algorithms. Stay updated with the latest changes to ensure your strategies remain effective. You can also read about How the Twitter Algorithm works

Use Exported Twitter Follower Data on Twitter Ads

As marketers seek higher engagement and conversion, the role of granular data, especially from platforms like Twitter, becomes undeniably crucial. With Twitter being one of the premier platforms for online advertising, understanding how to harness exported follower data can be the difference between a successful campaign and a missed opportunity.

1. Why is Exported Twitter Follower Data a Game-Changer?

Traditional advertising methods often felt like shooting in the dark — broad, non-specific, and hoping something sticks. With the advent of platforms like Twitter and the data they offer, marketers are equipped with a spotlight to shine on their precise target, illuminating potential leads and customers like never before.

2. Making Every Dollar Count

Twitter ads are not cheap. But what if every dollar you spent had a higher probability of returning a valuable lead or conversion? That’s the promise of leveraging exported Twitter follower data.

  • Precision Over Broadness: Instead of a wide net, you cast a precise line — reaching only those users who resonate with your brand or offer.
  • Elevated Conversion Rates: A well-targeted ad, underpinned by accurate data, finds its mark more often than not. This means better engagement, higher click-through rates, and most importantly, better conversions.
  • Optimized Ad Expenditure: Fewer wasted impressions and more hits. By targeting only relevant users, you ensure that you’re not spending on users who don’t align with your brand or offering.

How to Export Your Twitter Friends on iOS

Effortlessly export your Twitter followers and friends with the Circleboom iOS app right from your mobile device. It’s the perfect tool for organizing and managing your Twitter connections on the go , you can read all the deatils about exporting Twitter data on ios here

Conclusion: The Future of Twitter Advertising

The era of guesswork in advertising is fading. In its place rises a new age of data-driven, hyper-targeted marketing campaigns. Exported Twitter follower data offers a glimpse into this future, where every ad is tailored, every impression counts, and every dollar is well-spent. Embracing this approach is not just an option — it’s the path forward for brands seeking to make their mark in the digital space.




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