How to Schedule LinkedIn posts and Manage Multiple LinkedIn Pages

  • LinkedIn is the most reputable social networking platform in the United States. To some extent, 73 percent of social media users feel that LinkedIn safeguards their privacy and data. In comparison, only 53% of Facebook users share this perspective.
  • LinkedIn receives 15 times as many content impressions (9 billion) than job postings.
  • The exposure of adverts on LinkedIn has been shown to increase purchase intent by 33%.
  • LinkedIn is no longer exclusively for recruiting, as previously mentioned. Advertisements can boost buy intent, which can lead to increased sales later on.

Can you schedule LinkedIn posts and Manage Your LinkedIn Pages in once Place?

Yes, with Circleboom Linkedin Scheduler it is possible.

How to schedule LinkedIn posts?

If you’re a regular social media user, managing the Circleboom Publish will be simple because of the intuitive design approach.



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