The Ultimate Guide to delete Twitter likes at once

Some of us find it difficult to believe that people will delete Twitter likes, which are somehow a part of their identity. We may not like it when people change their minds. However, deleting Twitter tweets is a very popular practice on Twitter, and there can be many explanations for this.

In reality, there are moments when unliking tweets is the only way to move forward, once a clean slate is needed. We’ll look at some of the most popular reasons why people want to remove their Twitter likes in this post. At worst, after some Twitter updates took place last year, your recent Twitter likes will occasionally show up on your followers’ timelines.

Method 1: Delete all Twitter likes with Circleboom

With Circleboom, you can easily delete all Twitter likes with a few steps. This method applicable on all devices through any web browser:

Method 2: Selectively unlike tweets at once with Circleboom

Do you have any particular tweets you’d like to unlike? Maybe you’d like to unlike a specific person’s tweets?

Method 3: Delete Twitter likes with Circleboom App

Circleboom has rolled out its first iOS application, making it the whole Twitter management process easier.

How to delete Twitter likes by retweet count?

Retweet count matters either for our tweets or tweets we retweeted or liked. That’s why you may not want to consider sort your selection before start to delete all Twitter likes.

How to unlike tweets by like count?

Like counts of tweets is also important. While unliking tweets that you want to get rid of, you may take this into regards too.

How to delete Twitter likes of specific users and accounts?

It is the most crucial feature that we may be in need of. While you can deleting your likes, you should check whom tweets you are unliking, because it can lead to a break up with some of your friends if they take it as an insult (unfortunately it is possible too).

Method 4: Delete Twitter likes at once via a web browser

If you want to delete all likes, you may consider using the Twitter console in Google Chrome.

Method 5: Delete old Twitter likes which do not go

If you couldn’t get unlike some of your Twitter likes, you can delete all Twitter likes on Tweetdeck.

Wrapping Up

If you need a super handy Twitter automation tool, Circleboom would be the excellent pick for you. With Circleboom, you won’t need to worry about your future digital marketing campaigns on Twitter. The company

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